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Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame from Guccis so icy boys has been shotand is not in a good condition, in a attempted robery Waka Flocka Flame who is heavily affiliated with gucci maneand signed to SO ICY boys records which is Gucci manes album.Lets hope Waka Flocka has a speedy recovery. At only 23 years of age Waka Flocka Flame has dropped somereal club bangers in the past with numerous smash hits. Gucci mane new album Gucci Mane State Vs. Radric Davis Track List   New music video for one of his hottest tracks – Gucci Mane – Worst Enemy (Official Music Video) I gotta admit this is a hot track, goes deep on this one, pulls out some hot lyrics, defiantly a real banger… Gucci Mane back in Jail

Well you have heard it – Gucci mane is back in jail, he has received another 12 months for a probation violation. The sentence was handed down yesterday. Gucci was found guilty of attacking a promoter and faces a years jail but failed for do all his community service. Gucci has dropped at least 5 new tracks since he has been free with a new album on Warner bros records set to drop very soon. Gucci has two big club bangers with Wasted and spotlight and has recently appeared on many smash his track. So what will this new jail time do for Gucci mane, hopefully it makes his fan base stronger and the new album is a hit. FREE GUCCI MANE!!!!   Gucci mane new album is comming out on December 8th so basically a month from now till we hear some new gucci mane fire..The new album is going to be called “the state vs Radric davis. Its a play on his current legal problems with the state not allowing radric to perform in certian areas. Here is a new video about Gucci Mane taking over with the new track featuring Usher from MTV – The track is called – “Gucci Mane Featuring Usher – Spotlight”Polow is producing tracks for gucci mane now and becuase he is a local to gucci they feel they can achieve big things… Also in other Gucci mane news MIA is working with gucci mane in a new collective album, the new album is influenced by Gucci mane according to producer Diplo. They have worked with stars suchs as Major Lazer and Switch on the new album who are both big electro acts. The new MIA album and the new Gucci mane album should both be great. 23rd
So one of the hottest Gucci Mane mixtapes has dropped its Movie 3 The Burrprint, Gucci Mane is on the hottest mix tape djs on the scene right now and I have put together a little review of the new album –