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Gucci Mane and Plies Wasted

* Gucci Mane and Plies have just released the new video of the track Wasted, this is a real club hit, the video starts with Gucci and some goons chilling out side of a bus, then moves onto a a pool party at a mansion with girls in bikinis, people drinking, its pretty cool video… With plies and Gucci getting guitars and playing them check it out here –
* Gucci mane has jumped on the track with rapper Omarion, The track is called “I get it in” He replaced lil wayne who was on the track, Omarions new album called Ollusion which will be released soon. This is a different track for gucci mane who is use to making the more club banger style hits.
* Some new Gucci Mane Pictures, Gucci with no shirt on showing his tattoos and gucci mane in a red polo flossing his diamond chains.
* Wasted new track from Gucci Mane ft plies Gucci Mane and plies have jumped on a new track called wasted its a really hot track.