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Talib Kweli and Gucci mane

Talib Kweli and Gucci mane Their has been alot of talk about a new track which gucci manehas brought out with Talib Kweli the track is named:Gucci Mane- Poltergeist Feat. Talib Kweli – People have been talking about thistrack on blogs and via social media, both good and bad things have been said?I think the track goes nice and sure their are some polticial reasons behind it but thats music. June 26th 2010 Gucci Mane Long Money new Gucci Mane Video –    June 16th 2010 –

Gucci mane is back with the Burr print 2
Gucci mane has dropped a new mix tape onlya few weeks after been released form jailGucci also has hopes of releasing a new album forsummer. The new album will have all the Gucci famin it and will be a a album not to miss
Also check out new Gucci music video –
Gucci mane – 911 Emergency