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Gucci Mane Released from Jail

Gucci Mane Released from Jail  Gucci Man has been released form jail early,   Gucci has only served 6 months out of his 12 months sentence, Gucci was originally incarcerated for violating probation in 05, his last album sold over 350k units in the US alone.  Gucci will make his first appearance out of jail at the Hot 97 summer jam which will defiantly be a huge one for all Gucci fans.

Gucci mane exclusive video, of a press conference moments after he is released form jail can be seen here –

Gucci Mane Law Suite

Gucci Mane facing fresh civil complaints.
Gucci Mane who is back in jail after parole violations isnow facing new problems with many people who bookedGucci for events via his management have claimed to paymoney that has never been returned even though Gucci Manenever performed at their shows/events/nightclubs.
One promoter claims he paid Gucci manes management up to $50,000in cash for Gucci to perform and he never showed up now this promoterhas filed for around 175k in damaged.

Gucci mane recording material in jail,

Well Gucci Mane is still in the pen, but he is still creating new music, we will update you when our boy gets released hopefully its soon.