Gucci Mane Biography

Born February 2, 1980 is an American rapper.

Gucci Mane Biography

Signed to Warner Brothers, , taking his stage name from his hustler father’s nickname, “Gucci Man,” his first single, “Icy,” peaked at #23 on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks charts, and his first album, Trap House, peaked at #101 on the Billboard 200. His second album, Hard 2 Kill, was released in 2006, followed by Trap-A-Thon and Back to the Trap House in 2007, all of which sold well as independently released albums.


While incarcerated, an Atlanta producer by the name of Big Kat was also in jail. Gucci Mane spit a freestyle in the cell and the rest was history. After his first single “Black Tee,” was frequently played in Atlanta on urban radio. Then Gucci Mane released his album Trap House in May 2005; the album hit number one on the Top Heat seekers chart.[3] His follow-up albums Hard 2 Kill, Trap-A-Thon and Back to the Trap House succeeded on the Top Heat seekers and Top Independent Albums charts.

Homicide charges

his one of says hardest rappers out right now On May 10, 2005, Gucci Mane was visiting the home of Talia when five assailants came in the house with the intentions of taking Gucci’s signature So Icy chain and began attacking Gucci Mane and his friend. Gucci Mane was armed and fired several shots before the assault ended, later describing the shootings as self defense.

Three days later, during filming of BET’s Rap City, Gucci Mane was informed that there was a warrant out for his arrest. The warrant was related to a body found, that day, near a public school in Decatur, of Henry Lee Clark III Pookie Loc, a rapper from Macon, Georgia who was performing under Young Jeezy’s label, Corporate Thugz Entertainment; Gucci Mane was undergoing a feud with Young Jeezy.

HE SAID TELL JEEZY HIS BITCH ASS IS NEXT 2 GET MURKED at the time. Gucci Mane turned himself in to police on May 19, 2005.

The charges were dropped on December 30, 2005, with police stating they did not have enough evidence to try him for the murder.


Rapper GUCCI MANE is facing drug and weapons charges after he was arrested by Georgia police on Wednesday 23rd Jul08

Gucci mane was pulled over by officers just outside of Atlanta during a routine traffic stop.

Gucci Mane was taken into custody after cops searched his car and found a small stash of marijuana.


* 2005: Trap House
* 2006: Hard 2 Kill
* 2007: Trap-A-Thon
* 2007: Back to the Trap House

September 14th 2008

Gucci Mane faces a YEAR in JAIL

Gucci Mane appeared in court on probation violation charges.

Gucci Mane appeared in court Friday for a probation violation hearing.

Authorities said Gucci Mane did not fulfill his required community service.

Radric Davis, aka Gucci Mane, was convicted in 2005 of assault and recently arrested in

Henry County for driving under the influence. His appearance in court Friday involved his

2005 conviction and not his Driving under the Infulence.

Officials state that Gucci Mane appeared at a probation meeting and tested positive for e,
marijuana, and alcohol which only angered their mood toward gucci.

Gucci Manes probation were to serve 600 hours of community service, which is 50 hours a month.
However, officials said he has only served a total of 25 hours in the past three years.

The judge revoked 1 year of his probation and ordered him back to jail.
The judge said after Davis serves the one year in prison that he still has 2.5 years
of probation and has to serve the 600 hours of community service.

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